Are you looking for opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity in your business? We provide our clients with a set of comprehensive services on managed print services for very paper-intensive business processes and managing the infrastructure of document output and processing, allowing to break down the  cost to you, increase productivity and accelerate your business.

·       Do you want to optimize printing costs?

·       Is it important for you to manage costs?

·       Do you want to simplify printing procedure?

·       Is the uninterrupted printing important to you?

·       Do you want to work with a single print service provider?

·       Is it important for you to release your IT department employees from "printing" tasks?

·       Is security and confidentiality important to you?

If 50% of your answers are affirmative, so this information is for you:

Managed print services is a per-copy service and document printing management in your office. It means a simple and quickly realizable solution, the purpose of which is the uninterrupted operation of the copying equipment in your office.

What do you get all up of Managed Print Services:

·       You will stop paying separately for paper, separately for consumables, separately for material maintenance and fixing and printing equipment;

·       Equipment downtime due to waiting for fixing and spare parts will reduce;

·       You will only pay for real prints made by your company printers;

·       Number of prints is set as per meters in each printer, you can always check this data.

·       One print cost with Managed Print Services concept, as a rule, is reduced by 20-50% (excluding the cost of paper). 

When concluding a contract you get:

·       Providing productive equipment according to your needs.

·       Software for safe printing and monitoring YSoft "SafeQ" or "MyQ•

·       Replacing consumables (cartridges, rollers, repair kits, resource parts)

·       Maintenance, according to the SOP regulations of the equipment manufacturer.

·       Urgent restoration of equipment operability.

·       Print service software support.

·       Scheduled maintenance related to the prevention of equipment downtime. 


During the term of contract:

·       Regular on-site visit of the technician for the prevention and maintenance of printing equipment (according to the technical documentation for the equipment).

·       Emergency on-site visit of the technician in case of equipment failure for fixing and troubleshooting.

·       Replacing failed parts and components, including fast-wear parts (the Contract includes both the cost of components and works on their replacing).

·       Supply and replacing cartridges and other consumables.

·       If necessary: permanent presence of UniNet company full-time engineer in the client office for maintenance of equipment and immediate decision of other issues

·       Supply of paper and other materials whereon printing is carried out


If this very moment you do not have your own printing equipment (f.ex., you moved, open a branch or develop new business stream), then the managed print services can be extended, and under the contract you will also receive all the necessary printing equipment.

With this, the equipment itself remains the UniNet property. Delivery, maintenance, fixing, replacing matters, and the like, are the area of responsibility of UniNet.

In this case, beside cost saving in printing itself, you reduce the taxable base due to the absence of copying-and-printing equipment on your balance sheet. In addition, as part of the audit, UniNet specialists draw up a project of location and installation of printing equipment.


  •  No one-time costs for printing equipment purchase;
  • Use of modern printing equipment with modern systems of accounting and control of printing procedure;
  •  Uninterrupted operation of the fleet, thanks to quarterly maintenance and prompt reaction to a call in case of unforeseen breakdowns;
  •  Managed print services reduce the workload on your staff (purchasing department, IT staff, administration), who may now focus on main tasks of your business.
  • Optimization of the printer fleet and, as a consequence, printing costs reducing.
  •  Now you may to clearly understand what the money is really used for printing and thereby understand the benefits of Managed print services.
  • Printing restrictions per users, number and type of printing.
  • Cost accounting and distribution among users and departments.
  • Regular updating of the printer fleet without the need to dispose of waste equipment
  • One bill payment for a set of services 

We are experienced with implementing long-term projects of any level of complexity!